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  • Eleanor Hurt

Seance Collection

“The Summoning”

Focusing on juxtaposition, this work strikes a balance between the macabre and camp, encouraging viewers to consider the afterlife and what that means to them whilst simultaneously poking fun. Neither glorifying nor vilifying the subject, the collection simply attempts to make light of an age old and terrifying subject.

“Smoochie Enters a Different Realm”

“Smoochie Gets Sacrificed”

Stuffed animals are usually the first toy we ever receive, marking the beginning of a life. Choosing to use them in this manner re-purposes them as a symbol for the end of consciousness, and the universal desire to reverse the cruelest symptom of the passage of time, death.

“Smoochie Gets Possessed”

“Goochy Rises”

Created using a Nikon D3300, some fishing wire, a torch, and some childhood friends.

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